Drug Detox

“It’s a Family Tradition”

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I inherited my father’s blue eyes, my grandmother’s nose and my mom’s wavy hair. People say we even look alike. I even like to unwind the same way my dad used to. On Friday nights when I get home from work, I can feel the tension releasing from my shoulders when I take the first drink.

When I take a drag of the first cigarette of the day, I can remember watching the smoke curl around my mom’s head when she read the newspaper. Most of my earliest memories involve a drink in dad’s hand or a cigarette in mom’s. I remember hiding her cigarettes, leaving not- so-subtle articles on lung cancer on the kitchen table. I didn’t think that would be me a few years later.

Your drug of choice may not be alcohol or tobacco, but you know the familiar feeling. You’ve created the habit of turning to a bottle or cigarette or other addiction when your stress level rises, or you’re feeling blue, or even anxious. Just like dear old mom or dad used to do.

If you grew up with someone who has an addiction, you’re more likely to be addicted as an adult. Is the addiction genetic or environmental? It depends on who you ask. Every few years, a new researcher announces the results of another study that either proves or disproves a previous study. The truth is, it really doesn’t matter. But what does matter is that you’re addicted and it’s causing you problems.

Whether it’s a pair of little eyes looking up at you, or a cough that won’t stop, the time to quit is now. Don’t wait until the addiction gets worse. Because it will only gets worse. The good new is that you have the right and the ability to pick and choose what legacy you want to carry on to your own children.

Your father’s way with numbers? Perfect.

Your mom’s sense of humor? Pass it along.

Her addiction to cigarettes? No thanks.

His Saturday morning hangovers? Not a chance.

You don’t have to continue the same pattern for the rest of your life. Living with an addiction is not necessary. Just like you began this habit, you have the power to break it. You don’t need thousands of dollars for rehab, or to spend months in therapy, you just need a desire to quit and a tool to help you get started.

One tool you might want to try is Modera, that balances the brain chemistry to nutritionally support alleviation of addictive behaviors. ModeraXL is a powder that you mix with water for a tasty lemon-lime fizzy drink. You drink it two or more times a day, and it helps you lesson your cravings while you are still using street drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, or smoking cigarettes. For more information, visit http://www.moderaxl.com.

For more information about Drug Detox please visit Beat your addiction

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