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A Much Better Way to Methamphetamine Detox and Recovery

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You can’t mess with quitting Meth. Whether you’ve called it “Crank,” “Ice,” or “Stove Top,” you can’t mess with quitting Meth. Whether you’ve injected, snorted, smoked, or taken it orally, you can’t mess with quitting Meth. It has taken control over your entire central nervous system and your entire life. You have an urgent matter. You need Urgent Help.

Methamphetamine Is Highly Addictive. You Learned It The Hard Way.

Methamphetamine addiction or abuse can also result in anxiety, insomnia, mood disturbances, and violent behavior. Other psychotic symptoms such as paranoia, hallucinations, and delusions (like the feeling of bugs crawling under your skin) commonly occur, too. The U.S. Office of National Drug Policy Control reports all of these symptoms can still happen even months or years after your methamphetamine use has ended. You don’t want that, right?

Treating Methamphetamine Addiction With Methadone = Big Mistake.

“From what I’ve seen Methadone is a real-life horror show that is every bit as deadly as the original addictive substance. Suboxone is a pain reliever used to treat opiate addiction but it adds new risks for patients. Naltrexone is well known and effective in helping people get off codeine and alcohol cravings, but it’s also dangerous. So is Demerol. They’re just not as toxic as Methadone. It’s horrible – methadone.” – Frederic J. Vagnini, M.D. New York, NY

Many doctors are still treating one drug addiction by proposing a highly addictive prescription medication as the solution. This is often a dangerous game. You are taking on plenty of necessary risks and also side effects. For example, Methadone can impair your thinking or slow your breathing to the point of death. Why put yourself in more of harm’s way and battle an extra round of detox and withdrawal?

Methadone is similar to morphine in that it is a narcotic pain reliever. It has been commonly used in addiction treatment maintenance and detoxification programs. Know this, once you start taking Methadone, not only will you need to get off using Methamphetamine, you’ll also need to get free from Methadone. It doesn’t matter if you were taking it for a valid purpose such as addiction treatment. You can easily get hooked on Methadone. Why would you put yourself through that pain?

When Using Methadone In Addiction Treatment, The Costs Are High – Physically, Emotionally, And Financially

Addictive prescription drugs such as Methadone can be expensive. When financial stress and cravings hit many patients, they feel they can no longer afford their prescriptions. They also can’t hold off their cravings, so they return to using their original drug of choice. It’s further proof that trading Methamphetamine for Methadone just isn’t a good idea.

There are also many negative repercussions each time you relapse, especially given the impact on your brain. What you’ll notice is you need more and more of the addictive substance than you did before. Sad but true.

Now There Is A Better Way

It’s not another addictive substance. It has no known adverse effects. And it’s a low-cost addiction solution worth consideration.

ModeraXL is a new, All-Natural patent-pending blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that balances the brain chemistry to nutritionally support alleviation of addictive behaviors. The calmative formula also promotes mental clarity and good decisions.

This may be an option worth exploring if you need help in regulating discomfort and inhibiting your cravings to use Meth again. You can get your brain back online to functioning naturally rather than relying on your addictive substance. You can return to thinking about getting back the real, authentic YOU.

You can’t mess with quitting Meth. For more information, explore

For more information about Addiction Breakthrough please visit: Beat back your cravings and win at your detox, all natural addition solution

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